Each family is unique, a story waiting to be told. We'll provide you with the people and history you never knew without the tedious research.

Everyone has a story

Discover yours

Family Members
We'll provide a family tree and introduce you to each of your ancestors, up to 14.
Name Origins
Learn about where each surname in your family comes from, up to 9.
Family Crests
Discover a family crest for each family surname and their mottos, up to 9.
Historical Context
Bring your ancestors to life with a timeline of historical events, photos, and stories.
Records and Photos
Explore between 10 and 30 historical records and photos we used to trace your lineage.
Location Origins
Map the journey of where your family has lived and learn what life was like there during that time.
    • Family Members
    • Name Origins
    • Family Crests
    • Historical Context
    • Records and Photos
    • Location Origins
    Family Members
    The core of discovering your family story is learning who your family members are. Our expert genealogists will uncover who these people are and key dates and locations about their lives. Trace packages display this information in a family tree to help you visualize your relationships and also takes the time to introduce you to each of your ancestors. The number of ancestors found depends on the research package you choose as well as what our researcher are able to uncover. With our Tree package, we will introduce you to up to 14 ancestors.

How It Works

You choose the package, we do the rest

Select your Trace Research Package
Our experts will provide the research necessary to help you on your journey to discover your family's story. Choose between the Tree, Branch, and Leaf packages and fill out a short survey about your family.
We do the hard research
We will hand-pick an experienced researcher, best suited to uncover your story. They will do all the heavy lifting of researching and compiling your family’s narrative.
Receive your Trace package in the mail!
Within 4 to 6 weeks of placing your order, you’ll receive your own personal family heirloom complete with crests, records, stories and more. If you're not completely satisfied, just reach out and we'll give you your money back!

Trace Research Packages

Each package includes
  • Family pedigree
  • Crests for all family names
  • Name origins for all family names
  • Records and photos
  • Explanation of your records
  • Historical stories of all your ancestors
  • Location origins by time period
  • A digital version of the book on USB
  • A magnifying glass to read the records in the book
  • A letter from your hand-picked researcher

Select who you'd like to research

Click Start Discovering to tell us who you'd like to be researched

Tree Package
Up to 12 ancestors
Starting with you and researching up to your great grandparents.
Client must be born after 1950
Branch Package
Up to 8 ancestors
Starting with an ancestor of your choosing and researching their spouse and up to their grandparents.
Chosen ancestor must be born after 1900
Leaf Package
Up to 4 ancestors
Starting with an ancestor of your choosing and researching their spouse and parents.
Chosen ancestor must be born after 1870
Want additional books printed? Print as many as you'd like for $35 per book!
You'll receive your package in 4 to 6 weeks. If you aren't happy with your purchase contact us for a full refund. Questions? Contact us at 801-717-9054 or
Already completed research?
We can compile it into a beautiful heirloom book for you with crests, historical context, and more! Makes an incredible gift for family.

Who's covered?

  • Tree Package
    Up to 12 ancestors
  • Branch Package
    Up to 8 ancestors
  • Leaf Package
    Up to 4 ancestors